2018 social rebrand


the pitch

NBC Sports came to STN looking for a complete overhaul of their identity on social.

We had two main goals: Create a memorable and modern social brand that differentiates ourselves from the current sports media landscape and unify all of the sports in our portfolio with a common thread to maintain authenticity for the diverse audiences we cater to. Based on the great work STN has produced for us in the past, we were confident they would approach this project with fresh and innovative concepts, and they delivered.
— Ryan Irwin (Manager, Social Consumer Engagement at NBC Sports & Olympics)

Rebrand Objective:

Elevate overall brand identity
with a peacock-inspired design

Key Words:






the process

Develop a custom and unique brand identity that speaks to your fans and audience


step 1:

mood boards

STN will find and narrow down a variety of styles and design trends that match the clients desired look.

step 2:

brand mock ups

Once mood board direction is selected STN will mock up a variety of final brand directions 

step 3:

static templates

Upon approval on final direction, STN will create easy to edit static template based off of client requests


step 4:

motion templates

If desired, STN will create motion template from the static templates

step 5:

brand guide

Once all templates are finalized and approved STN will create a full brand guide that breaks down fonts, elements, colors, and additional brand elements.

step 6:


STN will provide tutorial videos that easily breakdown how to edit and update a template even with no experience in After Effects or Photoshop.

step 1: mood boards

STN created individually curated mood boards that cater specifically to NBC Sports. After dedicated research in design styles and trends our team developed custom mood boards to allow the client to narrow down the direction they would like their brand go.

Selected: Combination of NBC BRANDED & CLEAN GEOMETRIC

step 2: brand mock ups

A sample of the variety of mock ups STN created before landing on the final approved look and feel.



This is the most scaled back of the 3 mock ups - leaning primarily on vibrant bold colors and various scaled NBC logos as the primary design components. The minimalist look and feel is very clean and uncluttered.



A bold clean look and feel that introduces textured shapes and elements such as striped lines, dots, and some scaled individual pieces of the peacock feathers. NBC branding and colors are still a primary design element - allowing for a happy medium between NBC brand and geometric style.



This style has the most heavy but dynamic use of geometrics shapes, evoking a ton of movement. It is the most playful with shadows and overlays that build even more texture. All large shape elements are still scaled pieces of the logo, that tie back to the NBC brand.




Create a scalable design that can shift easily from SIMPLISTIC SHAPES to BOLD GEOMETRIC as needed


step 3: static templates

Once the overall direction is approved, NBC Sports provided specific types of graphics to turn into templates. 

step 4: motion template

Additionally one motion template was requested to support featured headlines.

step 5: style guide

Full detailed brand style guide, including all necessary brand elements.

step 6: training

STN can create a variety of training videos on how to update each template - static vs. motion.