social rebrand 

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the pitch

The Phillies came to STN looking for a complete overhaul of their identity on social.

I think we really just want to see something that reflects the current state of our team. We’ve typically been a very family friendly oriented brand, but we’d like our digital presence to not be so heavily linked to that. In my opinion, it just does not translate well to digital.
— Meaghan Tullis (Phillies - Coordinator, Digital Media)

Season campaign:


Additional Key Words:

  • Fresh

  • Edgy

  • Captivating

3 Teams/Brands You Like:

  • Astros

  • Red Sox

  • Clemson Athletics


the process

Develop a custom and unique brand identity that speaks to your fans and audience


step 1:

mood boards

STN will find and narrow down a variety of styles and design trends that match the clients desired look.

step 2:

brand mock ups

Once mood board direction is selected STN will mock up a variety of final brand directions 

step 3:

static templates

Upon approval on final direction, STN will create easy to edit static template based off of client requests


step 4:

motion templates

If desired, STN will create motion template from the static templates

step 5:

brand guide

Once all templates are finalized and approved STN will create a full brand guide that breaks down fonts, elements, colors, and additional brand elements.

step 6:


STN will provide tutorial videos that easily breakdown how to edit and update a template even with no experience in After Effects or Photoshop.


Step 1: mood boards

STN created individually curated mood boards that cater specifically to the Phillies. After dedicated research in design styles and trends our team developed custom mood boards to allow the client to narrow down the direction they would like their brand go.

Selected: Combination of BOLD MINIMAL & SPORTS TEXTURE

step 2: brand mock ups

A sample of the variety of mock ups STN created before landing on the final approved look and feel.

no hitter.png
call up v 4.png
Phillies_Branding Tests_FINAL.png
multi-color template-wht.png



step 3: static templates

Once the overall direction is approved, the Phillies provided specific types of graphics to turn into season templates. 

Perfect GamePhiladelphia-Phillies_Season-Template_No-Hitter_red_1x1.jpg
Career HighPhiladelphia-Phillies_Season-Template_Home-Runs_blue_1x1 copy 2.jpg
Philadelphia-Phillies_Instagram_Intro_Play-Of-The-Game-Highlight_red_1920x1080 (1).png
Welcome to PhillyPhiladelphia-Phillies_Season-Template_FA-Signing_red_1x1.jpg

step 4: motion templates

If desired the static template can be turned into motion templates!

step 5: Style guide

Full detailed brand style guide, including all necessary brand elements.

step 6: training

STN can create a variety of training video that either give a general overview, or specialized training on how to update each template.


Individual Template Tutorials


Product wise, this has been the boost of creativity and consistency we were looking for. The style guide especially is already paying dividends. And the templates are great as well! I had no experience with After Effects prior to these, so using the tutorial videos I was able to pick it up very quickly. No doubt that our new designer will be able to slide right in when she starts later this month. Hoping we reach some milestones soon so we can use more of them 😊.